Accidents & Car Problems

Accidents & Problems

Had an accident or have a problem with your rental car, get some help below.


Please contact the police first.

Then, please contact the 24/7 Insurance hotline at 0120-119-110.

Please press 1 to report a car accident, when in touch with the operator please request an English interpreter if needed. Also, please get in touch with our staff, and wait for instructions.

In the event of an accident, the coverage period is limited to 180 days from the date of the accident. Please note that the insurance coverage will not apply if you fail to obtain an accident report issued by the local police or if the accident is not covered by your insurance policy.

In the event of an accident, some of the driver’s personal information may be disclosed to a third party for problem resolution.

Car Breakdown

If during office hours, please contact us, the staff will tell you what to do. Outside office hours, kindly contact the roadside assistance hotline on 0120-119-110. They will find out why the car broke down and suggest appropriate actions.

Incorrect Fuel Filling

Be sure to confirm the type of gasoline you should use and double check it when you refuel.

If you find that you have filled up with the wrong type of gasoline, please do not start the engine, and contact the rental car outlet staff immediately. The staff will tell you what to do.

In case of an accident or breakdown, the car rental contract will be automatically finished. In that case, any payments made towards car rental, insurance, or any other costs will be non-refundable and no replacement car will be provided.

You will be charged a Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.) and a Compensation Fee, except in the case that the car rental company causes the error.

Flat Tire / Dead Battery / Locked Out

These incidents are not covered by insurance. You are responsible for paying any fees or repair costs yourself.

In case of one of these incidents, please contact the rental car outlet. The outlet staff will tell you how to contact the relevant repair services.

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking is determined by the police directly or by an illegal parking sticker put on the car. If you park illegally, you must immediately go to the designated police station and complete the required procedure.
You must immediately pay the fine by the designated payment method.

Please be sure to present the documents from the police and the receipt of the paid fine when you return the car at the outlet.

If you do not show the documents and the fine receipt, the car rental company will charge you an illegal parking penalty fee.

If you do not complete the proper procedure and pay the penalty, you will be registered on the list of the All Japan Car Rental Company Association for breaking Japanese law and violating the rental contract. You will not be able to rent any cars from any car rental companies in Japan again.

Late for Scheduled Pickup Time

If you are more than 2 hours late for the scheduled pickup/ return time, a late pickup/ return charge will be incurred.

Please contact the outlet about your estimated arrival time to keep the reservation, failure to inform our staff will lead to a cancellation of the car booking.

Pick up and return MUST be within the business hours of the outlet. If pickup/return is outside business hours, additional charges will be incurred.

Flight Delay

If your flight is delayed, please call the outlet during the outlet’s business hours about your estimated arrival time before boarding your flight. The outlet staff will tell you how you can pick up your car according to the conditions at that time.

The staff can only wait until the closing time of the outlet. If you will be later than closing time, your pickup will be postponed until the next morning.

For slight delays (such as 1 hour) that let you arrive within their business hours, and you have already registered your flight number in your reservation, there is no need to call the outlet.

The outlet staff will adjust your arrival time according to the flight information from the airport.

Substitute Vehicle

When the reserved car cannot be provided due to reasons attributable to the Company, the Company will notify the Renter as soon as possible. In this case, if the company will provide the Renter with a Rental Car of the same class as the reserved car.

If the Renter agrees to rent the substitute vehicle, the Company will lease the Substitute Rental Car to the Renter under the same rental conditions as when making the reservation, except for the car model.
If the Renter rejects the proposal of renting a substitute vehicle, the reservation will be deemed canceled, and the Company will refund to the Renter.

Change of Vehicle Category

Car Rental reservations are made by class specification. There is no chance that an alternative class car to the class you reserved would be offered.

Even if the car provided in accordance with your reserved car class is too small for you, you can NOT change the provided car.

We highly recommend you book a suitable car in advance.

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