We understand holidays, and to provide our customers with a greater peace of mind we provide full comprehensive insurance plan as a standard on all our vehicles.

In any case of an accident, all damages will be covered by the insurance company, including personal, the opposite party, and the rental car

Personal Injury Compensation

Unlimited coverage for each person (including vehicle liability insurance)

Personal Injury up to 30,000,000 yen

*Compensation for injury of a third party

Property Damage Compensation

20,000,000 yen per accident (compensation fee: 50,000 yen)

*Compensation for damage to a third party’s car, utility pole, building, etc.

*Customer responsible for 50,000 yen compensation fee

Vehicle Compensation

Actual cash value of the vehicle (compensation fee: 50,000 yen), but micro bus, truck, other specific types of car will have a compensation fee of 100,000 yen

*Compensation for damage to the rental car

*Customer responsible for 50,000~ 100,000 yen compensation fee

Passenger Compensation


*Compensation for injury, death, or long-term side effects to passengers (including driver) due to accidents while in the car

*Customers are liable for all damages incurred which either exceed the insurance coverage amount or are exempt from coverage.

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

In case of accident, the car needs to be repaired, payment of compensation for business loss is exempted.

Roadside Assistance

Support for when your vehicle breaks down or is damaged in an accident.

24/7 Towing Service & Emergency Roadside Repairs.

Insurance coverage is not applicable in the following situations:

    • Over above-mentioned coverage limit
    • Accidents were not reported to the local police.
    • Damage that is not included in insurance coverage:

– Unlocking the vehicle
– Loss of vehicle key
– Jumping the car battery
– Damage of tires, wheel covers and replacement of tires.

Actions breaking the rental car agreement:
1. Driving while intoxicated or driving without a license.
2. Subletting the vehicle to a third party.
3. Failure to notify the rental car outlet from the scene of the accident.
(If an accident occurs after our office hours, please notify the rental outlet first thing the next morning.)
4. When not wearing a seat belt while driving.
5. When a friendly settlement is reached with others involved in the collision.
6. When operating the vehicle off of normal roads, such as on the beach, riverbank or forest.
7. Damages caused by misusage / mishandling of the vehicle.
8. Driving with more than the maximum number of passengers allowed.
9. An accident caused by someone other than the driver or the co-driver on the rental car agreement.
10. Damage to the interior of the vehicle.
11. When using the vehicle in violation of the conditions stated in the rental car agreement.
12. An accident excluded from the liability coverage of the insurance agreement.
13. Other incidences of serious driver negligence.
(Speeding or running a red light, illegal parking etc.)
14. Filling in the wrong gasoline at self-service gas station.

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